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In hospitals the PharmaTrac application supports the delivery of closed loop prescribing and administration as per the GS1 initiative, whilst MedTrac provides inventory and decommissioning to ensure FMD compliance.

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PharmaTrac® is a bedside scanning solution designed to ensure patient safety through the validation of medication administration. PharmaTrac® allows healthcare providers to deliver Closed Loop medicines management by allowing the Pharmacy to create 2D barcodes.
These barcodes can be placed in the dose pack containing all relevant information for the medications including lot number and expiry date.

MedTrac® supports the picking of medicines and the decommission of items picked via integration with WellSky Pharmacy. This will support workflow such as bulk issues (ward stock) initially with further functions to follow.

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WellSky MAPP helps customers to adopt NHS initiatives and to meet changing legislation requirements.


WellSky MAPP solutions support the NHS drive towards paperless care.

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